You Can’t Pray It Away!

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That’s correct.  I meant exactly what I just said… “You can’t pray it away”.  And… God would certainly like for you to understand this concept.  Let me explain.

Does God live?… YES!  Does He hear and answer your prayers? ABSOLUTLY!!  So why would I make such a statement?

Many of us do not fully understand why we are here on this planet.  Then, when something difficult comes along, we ask God to take it away. Does this ring true with you? So… Let’s back up a bit.

We are here on this earth to get a body for our spirits.  Great, we have all accomplished this.  But another one of the basic, yet incredibly important reasons, that we are here, is to learn and grow.  Faith, Patience, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, are just a few categories that come to mind.

Earth life is a time devoted to our character development.  These lessons and development are usually associated with specific training in that area.  And yes, that training is usually centered around a difficult challenge, or trial in our life.

Growth is uncomfortable.  But, as we hit that discomfort head on, we grow stronger and we become a greater version of ourselves.  These difficulties are an important piece of the training.  They come to us randomly at times, or so it seems, not usually asked for.  Our first thought is, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this class…Why is this happening to me?”  And then… what do all of us do next?……  Say it with me…. “God, please make this hard thing go away!”

Praying to have this hardship removed is against the purpose of our existence here.  We are essentially asking God to prevent us from accomplishing our mission here on earth, and to stifle our growth.

He wants us to recognize the purpose of the challenge right in front of us… and to certainly pray to Him… Not to ask for the problem to go away…But those prayers should be to ask for strength, courage, and the ability to go through it.  That, He will gladly do.  You will see that He will actually shoulder you while you are in this learning process.  He will guide you, and give you that strength to continue, even if you don’t think that you have it in you.

Additionally, as you approach life in this manner, you will come to know HIM… Your relationship, trust and love for Him will grow right along with your progress.

So, let’s use this approach as our “Go To” plan in dealing with the tough stuff.  He has created this awesome earth life for us to become the best that we can be.  Let’s stop asking him to allow us to drop out of school.  =)

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