Broken Arrow – “When You Feel All is Lost”

The third battalion had been pinned against a rocky mountain side for three days. They had taken heavy, horrifying casualties from the advancing enemy. The experienced commander knew that there was nothing more that could be done. Their fate was sealed. He and his few men left would surely die.  As he looked into the … Continue reading Broken Arrow – “When You Feel All is Lost”

Mortal State University M.S.U.

So...Let's begin at a logical starting point.. Earth! Why are we here on this planet? Seriously, through all that you've been taught, pondered, and studied, why are we on this spinning rock?  Packaged in a mortal body, we are here living a brief period of time on planet earth.  For many, we believe it's the … Continue reading Mortal State University M.S.U.

Are We There Yet? A Guide Through God’s Perspective.

The vacation that you have dreamed about was finally a reality. With the family car loaded up, you were finally on your way. After driving several miles, the words sang out from the back seat, “Are we there yet?” Let’s look at this question from two different perspectives: From the child asking the question, as … Continue reading Are We There Yet? A Guide Through God’s Perspective.

The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

Perhaps one of the most emotional challenges of our lifetime, the COVID virus has created an environment of stress, worry, isolation, uncertainty, and fear.  Domestic violence and suicides have increased, showing firm evidence that many are all being pushed to the 'emotional brink' of coping with life. It is also evident each day with our … Continue reading The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

You Can’t Pray It Away!

That’s correct.  I meant exactly what I just said… “You can’t pray it away”.  And… God would certainly like for you to understand this concept.  Let me explain. Does God live?... YES!  Does He hear and answer your prayers? ABSOLUTLY!!  So why would I make such a statement? Many of us do not fully understand … Continue reading You Can’t Pray It Away!