Mortal State University M.S.U.

So...Let's begin at a logical starting point.. Earth! Why are we here on this planet? Seriously, through all that you've been taught, pondered, and studied, why are we on this spinning rock?  Packaged in a mortal body, we are here living a brief period of time on planet earth.  For many, we believe it's the … Continue reading Mortal State University M.S.U.

Right Medication.. Right Dose..The Correct Tool Is Available!

I have to speak from personal experience, that the most difficult part in dealing with mental illness is going through the process of finding the right medication... followed but the right dose. If you are brand-new to exploring treatment, let me be the first to tell you that all Antidepressants are not the same. You … Continue reading Right Medication.. Right Dose..The Correct Tool Is Available!

Depression, Anxiety…AND being a Parent?

All of us who have been challenged with the genetic link of depression and anxiety have spent an entire lifetime just learning how to cope. From our early days as a child we were fearful of things that were trivial for others. We were sleepless, and in fear most days of something… an upcoming event… … Continue reading Depression, Anxiety…AND being a Parent?

You Can’t Pray It Away!

That’s correct.  I meant exactly what I just said… “You can’t pray it away”.  And… God would certainly like for you to understand this concept.  Let me explain. Does God live?... YES!  Does He hear and answer your prayers? ABSOLUTLY!!  So why would I make such a statement? Many of us do not fully understand … Continue reading You Can’t Pray It Away!

Your Life Can Change in an Instant!

It was just another routine day for me. Wake up early, get ready for work, and begin the hour drive into the office...Just like I have done for the past 11 years. Days before, we had been pounded with several snow storms making the drive difficult. But the snowplows had been diligent with their continued efforts … Continue reading Your Life Can Change in an Instant!

“I’ve Had ENOUGH!! I Quit!” Overcoming Discouragement

Worn Out Tired Rejected Fear ...Sound familiar? We have all been there. But even though this is a common feeling, when you are in its grasp, it can be a very powerful, destructive emotion to battle with. I'd like to offer my thoughts in dealing with this concept, yet perhaps from a different approach. First … Continue reading “I’ve Had ENOUGH!! I Quit!” Overcoming Discouragement