Prepare To Meet Your Maker… “That’s Not a Bad Idea!”

Life is spinning out of control! Evil, corruption, fighting, and division have become, “Just Another Day.” I think that it would be fair to say, the majority of things happening in our world are beyond our control. Agreed?

As a counselor for those who suffer from anxiety, a solid principle that we go by is to; “Recognize those things that we can’t control, but to spend the majority of our time and effort focusing on the things that we have some control over.”

I would imagine that many of you reading this post have been successful in areas of your life. Perhaps you have excelled in your job, as a parent, or in something else that was important to you. That success likely came from a desire to succeed, planning, and preparing for what came next.

I would like to introduce a concept to you. One that allows you to take control in these crazy times, as well as utilizing your skills in planning, and a desire to succeed, towards gaining something of significant importance.

I would ask you to disregard your immediate emotions caused by hearing what I’m about to say. Listen with ears of understanding and intrigue for just a moment. Don’t let fear or worry overpower the message. Are you ready to hear this? =)

One day, maybe even sooner than we had planned, we will all leave this life and pass into a spiritual world that is “Magnificent!” We will leave all of this chaotic madness behind us, and move into a surrounding that is peaceful, calm, and filled with people displaying the very best of their emotions.

Death has always been associated with a resounding sadness; the disappointing end of dreams that could have been. But, if death is for all of us regardless of what we believe, what have we done to prepare for this event? And perhaps a bigger question, “What have we done in preparation to “Meet our Maker?”

This process is actually empowering, not morbid. It is not frightening but rather, filled with peace. Just like everything else that we have successfully done in our life, we too now have a chance to plan and prepare for something that is sure to come soon.

I invite you to first remove all of your previous thoughts that death is the worst thing possible that could happen to us. Replace those thoughts with, I am preparing for one of the most glorious events that will ever happen in my life. Freedom from physical disabilities and hardships. Gone will be the pain and suffering caused by sin and evil. A turning of the page into a glorious new chapter.

The glaring obstacle that is most commonly associated with meeting our maker is conveyed through the thought of, “I’m a sinner and am not prepared to meet God.” Interesting. Humm…Well, that’s exactly what this series of articles is for, “Preparing to Meet Your Maker.”

I am going to walk you through this preparation. I will be sharing things that you can do, again… not with an intent to make you afraid, but the exact opposite… To make you feel prepared, comforted, and to know deep within your heart that you will be ready to meet Him.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing specific instructions related to one particular topic in this preparation. I will give you the tools and direction necessary to have in developing a relationship with God. I will let you know what He asks you to do prior to meeting Him.

And, I PROMISE one very special thing to all of you. By implementing the things that we discuss, you will have a burden taken off of your shoulders, and a feeling of cleanliness that perhaps you have never had before. I can make you that promise because I have had that same burden lifted from me.

Are you with me? Are you ready to begin? Will you commit to finding my posts as they will be displayed every third day or so? I pray that you will.

I do not represent any religion. My motivation is strictly out of love for you. I have nothing to sell but offer a treasure like no other. Many of you might already know Jesus Christ, and perhaps others may not. But, if you feel prompted to join us, it is my hope that you will. I look forward to this journey with you… I’m excited!

One thought on “Prepare To Meet Your Maker… “That’s Not a Bad Idea!”

  1. I love this!! Yes I need to focus more. Doing good thanks what is happening that’s bad!! THANKYOU. Loves ❤️

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