Satan’s Deception… It All Makes Sense Now!

Why are we living in such a mixed-up world? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we could just work together on being compassionate, loving, and helping one another find happiness? Living among people that we truly cared for, and knew that they would be right there for us if we were in need?

I have proven to myself that when I spend time helping and loving others, I am the happiest in my life. Many, if not all of you reading this, can identify with what I am describing. Compassion, serving, loving, helping, and caring for others always has brought me joy and contentment.

Yet the masses of the world are ANGRY, and mean, and have chosen a lifestyle of selfish greed, hate, conflict, deception, and the exact opposite of where they can actually find happiness and peace.

Where we came from, all of us were the same. The moment we were born, we were all alike; sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father.  Brothers and sisters of a spiritual family that loved one another.  But then it happened!

Through the course of our life, our once happy family has shattered into pieces far apart from how we began. Murder, rape, abuse, torment, loss of compassion, and hate have flooded the earth. I don’t feel that many of the people that I meet are my brothers or sisters, yet we are. That’s not who they were in the beginning. They have changed beyond recognition of the once tight-knit family that we once were. This has caused many of us great despair, and an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

All of us are accountable for our own actions, as this is a concept that must be.  However, understanding why people change is such an important topic, as it sheds light on how we got to this point, and how we will navigate through this darkness.

When all of us entered into this life, we were met by an evil force that had already declared war on God. Born into a war zone, not with missiles, bombs, or weapons, but a battle between Satan and God for our very souls.  We are the “Battle Prize” if you will, of what the fight is all about.

So, let’s take a moment to learn about both sides who are fighting over us.  Let’s also realize what would happen to each of us if Satan were to win this battle versus God being the victor.  Don’t you think that this concept is one to approach with a great desire to understand?

Just like every WAR, each side has a strategy of implementing their assets to drive their side to victory.

Satan does not have equal power to God, so he must be creative in his strategy. Illusion is his go-to plan, over and over.  He dresses things up to make his choices appear to be the very best option. He even provides a little bit of initial PLEASURE to lure us away from the pathway that leads us to his enemy.  The buzz of alcohol and drugs, producing the illusion of a fun lifestyle has led many to destruction.

After the illusion of happiness disappears, which it always does, the person is surrounded by an unhappy life, and in many cases, bound by the chains of addiction.  Satan has won the battle for this soul, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, has given all of us an insight as to what it will be like FOR YOU if Satan wins this battle for your soul.

Satan has servants or slaves on his side. Should he win YOU, there will be no freedom, choice, or happy fairy tale ending.

I was driving through a large city last summer and passed a tent city of homeless that seemed to go on for miles. I observed the devastation of the people lying on the streets, many passed out. It was filthy, awful, and dark. People were driven to do anything necessary to feed their addiction. I realized that this is what it would be like if Satan wins the war.  No happiness, sunshine, family, love, or peace. Just, Zombie Slaves.

The illusion continues in all of the traps that Satan has set to capture you. Sinful LUST, perversion, greed, power, and control all begin with pleasure and the illusion of the happiest life that you could ever have.

Yet look at how the majority of these stories end. Prison, divorces, loss of family, death from crossing others, and so the story goes. In every case, the person has a darkness about them, and an obvious displeasure with their current lifestyle, always wanting more, and more.  Satan’s team is never satisfied, which is the fuel he uses to keep them on his team.

So to my brothers and sisters who have now realized who they are following, and what their final destination will be like, I would like to reach out to you with the alternative.

What will it be like if God wins this battle?  There are clear signs of this outcome as well that we can use to understand this.

Using your own life as an example, consider the period of time when you were the happiest in your life. There is a good chance that one or all of these things listed applied to you at that time:       

Family vs being alone.

Clear conscience vs guilt.

Loved vs hate.

Doing your best vs doing what initially feels best, (pleasure).

Reaching out vs taking advantage of others.

          Accomplishment vs defeat.

Being on God’s team produces happiness, joy, and long-term pleasure. There is no need for God to tie an illusion to his choices because they actually bring us joy. Having God as the victor of your soul will give you freedom… forever!  Happiness… forever! Family and close friends… Forever! An environment of once again being Brothers and Sisters who are at peace. There is no slavery here in God’s world.  He is our Father, not our Slave Master. Therein lies the difference.

For those of us who are not bound by the chains of Satan, the battle will continue and intensify until Jesus comes to finish the fight with Satan, (this will be sooner than you might think).  We must stay strong.  “If you are not fighting for something, you will fall for everything.” Do you recognize what is at stake, your happiness and freedom?

Back to a beginning statement that I made, “Satan does not have equal power to God”. This is so telling, as it indicates how this battle will end.

God will be triumphant! Satan will lose. God will send His Son, Jesus Christ, to finish the battle with Satan in what is called the battle of Armageddon. Satan’s physical team will be destroyed and will all die. From their death, they will be sent to live with Satan in a forever world of darkness and misery.

Prior to this physical battle, many who are following God will be rescued by Him. They will be caught up in the clouds in the Rapture, forever removed from the battle zone. Their eternity will be filled with peace and love surrounded by kind wonderful resurrected people.  This is the neighborhood that I choose to live in.

Satan knows that he will be defeated, as he is fully aware of God’s power. Because of this, he is determined to take as many souls with him as he can, to be their Slave Master for eternity.  I honestly do not think that anyone would want this ending.  If this is you, repent, recognize that Jesus Christ is your Savior, and follow the light.

I hope that you can see with clarity, what is happening on the earth right now.  You can know that my writing is true by simply getting down on your knees and asking God.  After your prayer, just listen to your thoughts. He will tell you with a feeling of warmth, peace, and hope.

I feel that we are months away from the Rapture taking place.  I share this personal belief to encourage those who have been hanging on with everything they have and are exhausted. Pray for continued strength, and God will see you through.

There has never been such an important decision that you have made in your life as choosing who to follow. It literally means forever happiness or misery.  The choice is yours… Please do not fall for his illusions.


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