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As I emptied my pocket today, I pulled out a penny that was well-worn, dirty, and damaged.  My first thought was to throw this worthless thing in the garbage.

The penny was similar in age to what I am. I held it in my hand while staring at it for quite some time. I wonder where this old coin has been; what would the story be if this penny could talk.

When originally struck, I’m sure that it was shiny and new. But, since that day, it has been held by many people. A trip to the store to buy a piece of candy. Placed in a jar until filled to the top with other coins. Discarded or dropped in a parking lot only to be stepped on, forgotten, and seen by others as worthless.

The value of this coin began to change in my mind.  Worthless, or a survivor?  It would take many physical challenges to give this coin the appearance that it has today.

I believe that this penny represents many of us in a familiar way. Scarred, broken, forgotten, seen by some as being something of value, and yet by others overlooked.

I can relate to you my copper coin. I’m inspired to continue my journey even though I’m not as young as I once was.  The penny’s value to me priceless in a way.  It now sits on my bedside as a reminder of my own journey through life.

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