*Venting doesn’t resolve anything.

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*”It only ramps up negativity, and is ego’s way to avoid self-reflection. Smart co-workers and managers refuse to listen to venting, and are quick to turn the discussion to reality, by bringing the relevant parties together for resolution of suspected or real differences. Actions speak louder than words.”

This concept is excellent!  Co-workers, and people in general, do not enjoy time spent with other people who consistently tell others what is wrong with their day or life. So why do people continually vent? They do it because it makes THEM feel better.  Perhaps a selfish act.

But think about it.  If doing something drives others away, and gives them the sense of not wanting to be around you… is it worth the feeling you get from venting? It’s time for you consider looking inward.

Venting, or being negative, only sets you back in the eyes of others.  You are not seen as the victim that you are portraying, rather, someone who is sucking the light out of those who are trying to live in a positive environment.

Take the challenge to avoid venting to others… Not only do they not want to hear it, you are losing your place as a valued employee.  Rather, jump right into the problem resolution phase of the situation. Spend your energy working towards making things better. Your value to the company not only will increase, but others will actually start enjoying the time that they spend working with you.

No Ego by Cy Wakeman

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