Just Science … No Conspiracy… Covid-19 and the Vaccination.

America’s Frontline Doctors Summit was a two-day event occurring on July 27 and 28, 2021. The summit is called the White Coat Summit, and its goal is to “create the opportunity for frontline doctors to talk directly to the American people” and “educate and inform Congresspersons, who have also been subject to widespread misinformation,” “Physicians from … Continue reading Just Science … No Conspiracy… Covid-19 and the Vaccination.

Are We There Yet? A Guide Through God’s Perspective.

The vacation that you have dreamed about was finally a reality. With the family car loaded up, you were finally on your way. After driving several miles, the words sang out from the back seat, “Are we there yet?” Let’s look at this question from two different perspectives: From the child asking the question, as … Continue reading Are We There Yet? A Guide Through God’s Perspective.

Using Self-Hypnosis in Dealing with Anxiety

On a basic level, we all have and need fear. The emotion of fear has been a contributing factor in the survival of mankind. It serves as an identifier of situations or things that could potentially harm us. But when this natural emotion becomes unbalanced, it can produce a disabling challenge which we call anxiety … Continue reading Using Self-Hypnosis in Dealing with Anxiety

The Fear of Flying…Explained

Yes, you've heard all of the statistics and information regarding the safety of flying. You know that travel in a commercial airplane is nineteen times safer than traveling in a car. You have studied the flight-critical systems on commercial aircraft, such as electronic engines and flight controls, which are protected against lightning strikes and extreme … Continue reading The Fear of Flying…Explained

The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

Perhaps one of the most emotional challenges of our lifetime, the COVID virus has created an environment of stress, worry, isolation, uncertainty, and fear.  Domestic violence and suicides have increased, showing firm evidence that many are all being pushed to the 'emotional brink' of coping with life. It is also evident each day with our … Continue reading The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19