The Fear of Flying…Explained

Yes, you've heard all of the statistics and information regarding the safety of flying. You know that travel in a commercial airplane is nineteen times safer than traveling in a car. You have studied the flight-critical systems on commercial aircraft, such as electronic engines and flight controls, which are protected against lightning strikes and extreme … Continue reading The Fear of Flying…Explained

Your “Mission” in These Last Days on Earth…

Life!?! Currently, most of the world is just waiting to see what is going to happen next, right? There is fear and uncertainty due to political changes, the pandemic, and mother nature unleashing some brutal events. "Let's just hang out and watch evil chip away at everything around us".... Is this your plan? Many faithful … Continue reading Your “Mission” in These Last Days on Earth…

We Need a Leader!

Things in the world are headed in the wrong direction! Agreed?!? Even when we are given the facts showing the dishonesty of political leaders and groups, there is still no correction in life’s downward spiral. Evil is growing uncontrollably right before our eyes. This is so frustrating for many. There are Christians, Patriots, Republicans, and … Continue reading We Need a Leader!

Changing our Relationship with Death – Antichrist

I’m fascinated with the way that we have all been genetically programmed to stay alive. We will do and try everything that we can to avoid a tragic ending such as death.  Even some who have become full of despair and suicidal, get the push-back of not wanting to die, though their current situation is … Continue reading Changing our Relationship with Death – Antichrist

Preparing for Battle…”Who’s on God’s Side?”

Some of you have had an entire lifetime to prepare for the days ahead, while others might have just joined the team of righteousness after learning of our Saviors love for them.  Regardless, I express my utmost respect and love for you who have chosen to be on GOD’s side.  I am honored to know … Continue reading Preparing for Battle…”Who’s on God’s Side?”

The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

Perhaps one of the most emotional challenges of our lifetime, the COVID virus has created an environment of stress, worry, isolation, uncertainty, and fear.  Domestic violence and suicides have increased, showing firm evidence that many are all being pushed to the 'emotional brink' of coping with life. It is also evident each day with our … Continue reading The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19