The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

Perhaps one of the most emotional challenges of our lifetime, the COVID virus has created an environment of stress, worry, isolation, uncertainty, and fear.  Domestic violence and suicides have increased, showing firm evidence that many are all being pushed to the 'emotional brink' of coping with life. It is also evident each day with our … Continue reading The Emotional Consequences of COVID-19

“I’ve Had ENOUGH!! I Quit!” Overcoming Discouragement

Worn Out Tired Rejected Fear ...Sound familiar? We have all been there. But even though this is a common feeling, when you are in its grasp, it can be a very powerful, destructive emotion to battle with. I'd like to offer my thoughts in dealing with this concept, yet perhaps from a different approach. First … Continue reading “I’ve Had ENOUGH!! I Quit!” Overcoming Discouragement

Why People – “Self-Harm”

You've just discovered someone in your life is hurting themselves on purpose.  Our immediate thoughts are, "Why would someone hurt themselves on purpose? What would lead a person to believe that this was somehow a solution to any problem?" Let's take a minute to understand the possible causes of this behavior. Most often, in looking back … Continue reading Why People – “Self-Harm”

Eating Disorders – What I Wish My Family Knew.

I appreciate the opportunity that I have to share some information which might be helpful for the family members of someone who is effected with an eating disorder. "It's not about the food".  As a parent, or caring friend or family members, it might be logical for you see the solution to this problem as … Continue reading Eating Disorders – What I Wish My Family Knew.

*Venting doesn’t resolve anything.

*"It only ramps up negativity, and is ego's way to avoid self-reflection. Smart co-workers and managers refuse to listen to venting, and are quick to turn the discussion to reality, by bringing the relevant parties together for resolution of suspected or real differences. Actions speak louder than words." This concept is excellent!  Co-workers, and people … Continue reading *Venting doesn’t resolve anything.