“Perfection” … Stop It!

I'd like to speak about this topic, specific to religious expectations that many of us place upon ourselves. Perhaps in your teachings, you have been taught that we must work towards perfection, because "No unclean thing can enter the kingdom of God", (Moses 6:57). I offer the teachings of Stephen E. Robinson, taken from his … Continue reading “Perfection” … Stop It!

I Can’t Go On! Suicide is Beckoning..

I would like to reach out to a friend.. Someone who I do not know.  A friend who, after a constant battle with mental illness, has become overcome with exhaustion and decided to end their mortal journey!  I pray you are directed to this site, and the words that have been written. "T.O.D.A.Y... has been … Continue reading I Can’t Go On! Suicide is Beckoning..