Pick Up the Sword; A Call for Action.

Lies, corruption, displaced power.  Our nation is under the control of evil men and women. They are a threat against everything that you and I have come to know as good and wholesome.  They are taking away our rights in so many areas and forcing us to do things that go against our desires. We are witnessing this evil destruction of our AMERICA.

You have recognized the corruption I speak of, and have been pushed to the point of… ”We have had ENOUGH, and we are not going to take it ANYMORE!”

Many of you feel so strongly about this but have no idea what you can do.  You have a desire inside but are limited by any plan or action to correct this disastrous course that we are on. So what can be done? What can I do?

Herein Lies the Answer That You Have Been Seeking.

The Power of the People!

There is an army of millions, who have patiently sat by being polite so as to not disrupt or upset.  That perhaps is a characteristic of the Loving, Christian people that we are. Love has been our go-to in creating a place of peace and calm. Many of us have seen the tremendous benefit of living this lifestyle and enjoying harmony within our own personal circle. Things are changing, creating a different approach to how we deal with our enemy.

Many of us are sensing a movement within our souls; A call to action if you will, in reevaluating our current battle plan against the enemy of darkness.  Are you feeling that stir within yourself?  Are you wanting to answer God’s call of doing something about the evil that is consuming our planet?  Have you had ENOUGH?

Our Commander-in-Chief, GOD Almighty, is handing out orders to those of us who are listening.  He is deploying His army in the battle with the evil that is raging out of control. LISTEN to the promptings that you are feeling inside of you and… “Pick Up Your Sword”.

It is time to push back.  It is time to protect our children from the pedophile agenda that they are being forced to participate in. It is time to acknowledge that we are members of God’s winning team, and will be victorious if we do what is asked of us and fight this battle.

Your prayers of, “God, please help us deal with all of the evil and corruption that is happening”, are being answered. This answer, ironically, is for you to get into the game and push back with the strength and power that you will receive from God as His warrior.

As in every battle, there are many different assignments and varying troop responsibilities in defeating the enemy.  Some members of this team have a specific assignment in communications, and some are deployed to fight physically on the front lines, engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Each of you reading this post have special and unique strengths and gifts from the Commander Himself.  He is calling you now to use those talents as we enter into a new phase of this war.

What is the sword that you have in your sheath?  What will you do in this battle to fight for what is right and good? This is the question that I invite you to answer while on your knees asking for guidance from our Heavenly Father.

It is time for you and me to get out of our house and fight this battle. We can push back against all of the things that are being said and done by protesting and making our voices heard. There is power in EXPOSING evil people, sharing that factual information online so that others can see, and importantly creating a plan to go after this evil character.

Stew Peters talks about how it is our duty to expose the “Apple Tree, that is producing poison fruit,” and to make others aware of this tree, (person), so that it can be dealt with.  Exposing this person on social media with truthful facts is indeed a very productive way in shutting them down. This is a non-violent way of picking up the sword and fighting evil. It then takes members of the “Deep State”, and isolates them out as an individual, cut away from the herd.  As you will come to find if you haven’t already, evil shrinks when exposed to the light.

Do not leave this fight up to others like President Trump to save us.  He can certainly be a big part of our fight, but it is God who is our leader, and He is calling upon YOU to accept your call to being drafted into this “Bible Prophesied” battle that is happening right now.

You will find your mission duties as you prayerfully ask for your assignment.

“God, I want you to know that I will do everything that I am asked to do in the battle between good and evil. I ask you this day to enlighten me with what you would like for me to do. Please give me the strength and courage to accomplish my mission.”

 Listen to the thoughts that God will place in your mind, for He will tell you exactly what He wants you to do. After you have received your orders, it is time to act upon those thoughts.  Remember, we are God’s children and represent HIM in this battle.  Our actions need to reflect what HE would want us to do and do not necessarily mean that we should be involved in a shoot-out.

The enemy is trying to silence President Trump because he has picked up his sword to fight against the deep state. But just know, they might be successful in silencing one man, BUT THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SILENCE ALL OF GOD’S WARRIORS! That is what they fear, and this is the actual reason why God’s army will be successful in this fight. Righteousness will WIN! You are on the winning team.  It is time to suit up and get off of the bench because God is putting you in the game.

I invite all of you to join this battle, and aggressively fight with the sword that you have been given.

“High and Tight”…God’s Speed!


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