We Are All Divided… But Not for Long! A Call to My Christian Brothers and Sisters.

Peace in Jesus Christ | St. Michael Catholic Church

Take just a moment and think about your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Can you believe the division that has occurred between all of us? Even close loving relationships have been divided into two very different sides. And the division is not just mild, or somewhat vague in the level of conviction. Each side is passionate about what they believe, and are continually trying to get others on their side… Agreed?

Can I just say…It worked! Whoever you’d like to blame, Satan, our government, or the media… that doesn’t really matter. WE ARE DIVIDED! Step one of “divide and conquer” has successfully been accomplished. And, what comes next? That’s right… We will be defeated or conquered. Do I have your attention now?

We have read the book. We know that in these last days evil will pull out all of the stops to bring down the righteous. But, you and I are not going to allow that to happen to us… Can I get an “Amen”? =)

I would like for all of you to take a deep breath in, and exhale while saying the words, “Together Again”!

We are all brothers and sisters. We share a loving Father who cares about us. He understands what is happening to His children, and most importantly, He wants to help us.

Think big picture for a moment. We are months or years away from the end of this mortal life. Some of the most difficult days lie ahead of us. We need to be together to fight this battle. We need to be “as one” if we are to be successful in our fight with the adversary. We all share a love of the Savior and of His gospel teachings. Let our renewed relationship start there.

It’s time to put everything else aside for now. Vaccinated or Unvaccinated needs to be replaced by Love or Peace. Togetherness, Compassion, Service, Kindhearted, and Unconditional Love are what the Master taught us. Today is the day that we show our God these principles that we have spent a lifetime learning. Now is the time for us to let this behavior in us SHINE.

There is Peace in Christ.
There is sadness in contention.
There is Hope in Faith.
There is darkness in spite.
There is Calm in Understanding. There is fear in pushing others away.
There is Love in Compassion. There is loneliness in the ego.

You know the gospel principles. There is power there! When applied as our primary focus, there is no division, and we are “as one”.

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”.

Those on the other side of this vaccine debate need us. They need to be loved, not put down. Forget the fight, and focus on love and the strength that we KNOW we will receive by living like Him.

Once again, I ask you to realize the purpose of the division between the righteous. It is Satan’s cunning strategy to remove us from our source of power, which is living these gospel principles.

I have been impressed to share the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea with all of you, over the past few weeks. It is very important for you to have this testimony in your heart as we continue through this difficult journey to the finish line.

As Moses and his followers were fleeing from an unjust ruler, they found themselves at the edge of the sea. Trapped, without an escape, doomed! In the distance, they could see the evil army that had been sent to destroy them. They must have feared for their lives, and many turned to God pleading for protection.

This same God who they have come to know over the course of their lifetime, as loving, protective, and REAL. God heard those cries, and through a prophet of God, a miracle happened. Something that was not a logical solution, but unique, unimaginable, and divine. The sea parted allowing them to escape death or capture.

That same God exists today.

His powers are the same. His love for His people is just as strong. These miracles will happen to you and me as we literally might be on the run from evil men who seek to destroy us. I testify to you that these miracles will happen to those of you who believe and call upon His protection.

It is ever so important that you put this knowledge in your “plan”. God is not “Plan B”. Right now, GOD IS THE PLAN! We will do all that we can to prepare, but for all of those things out of our control, our Father will guide us and see us through.

To my brother… and my sister… take my hand and let us walk together, “as one”. We are no longer divided in the mortal things that do not matter. We are united in Christ.

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