Broken Arrow – “When You Feel All is Lost”

The third battalion had been pinned against a rocky mountain side for three days. They had taken heavy, horrifying casualties from the advancing enemy. The experienced commander knew that there was nothing more that could be done. Their fate was sealed. He and his few men left would surely die. 

As he looked into the eyes of his troops, he could see the fear in their daunting stares. There was a somber message conveyed through their expressions as to say… “Sergeant, you are our only hope. Please…please save us”!

For a moment time stopped. Sergeant Willcocks saw the sorrow in the faces of all of these men’s loved ones as they were told the news that the entire battalion had been killed. He wrestled at that moment with the thought of the reality that all was lost. “I cannot do one more thing to save these men.” And yet, his survival instinct seemed to override all of the realistic thoughts that he was having. He reached down and grabbed the radio from the hands of his soldier, and in a commanding voice began to scream…


The call went out to everyone within reach of this field-portable radio. Fighter jets, cargo planes, black hawk birds, top brass, and soldiers fighting other battles all stopped to absorb the message. “Broken Arrow” was something that no soldier ever wants to hear. In just those two words, the entire story of this platoon had been told to all who were listening. These men were in the final stages of losing all hope and were are on the edge of annihilation.

Brotherhood, compassion, and a sense of urgency were the rallied response from all of those who heard this cry. In minutes, the enemy was overtaken by new friendly fighter jets who had not been assigned to defend this battle area but had answered the call. Missions were changed mid-flight, pilots decided to go against their given commands in a dedicated effort to save someone who needed them. Someone; brothers, who would live through this ordeal because of that desperate cry for help.

I write this for all of you who have found yourself in a similar ordeal. Not one of war, but as a result of the complex year that we have all faced. Many of you have been pushed to the very brink of emotional survival. Pounded by problems, hardships in dealing with others who have seemed to have lost any display of love or compassion. You have been drained emotionally, financially, and are exhausted by the thought of continuing to face another day. This article is for you!

When all hope seems lost… When there is nothing more for you to give. When your fate seems to be sealed….. I ask you to kneel by your bed tonight and respectfully call out to God… “BROKEN ARROW!” 

Plead for Him to send all that He has to save you from what this life has battered you with. For you see, He will answer that call. He has powers to defeat the enemy. He will provide answers on how you should proceed in escaping the challenges that you face. Personal, physical, and emotional strength can come as you ask Him to renew your body with these blessings.

Others have gone before us, parents, spouses, children, and others who too will answer your call. There is an unannounced arsenal of heavenly help prepared to help you battle this day. Ask for all that God has to offer you in your rescue and survival. He knows that call. He understands your urgency and is just waiting to hear your request.

Strength, PeaceComfort, Renewed Energy, Compassion, Patience, Understanding, Humility, Empathy, Love, Trust, and HOPE is how HE will respond to your plea. This, I can promise you!

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