Your “Mission” in These Last Days on Earth…

Life!?! Currently, most of the world is just waiting to see what is going to happen next, right? There is fear and uncertainty due to political changes, the pandemic, and mother nature unleashing some brutal events. “Let’s just hang out and watch evil chip away at everything around us”…. Is this your plan?

Many faithful Christians understand that we are living in the final years before Jesus Christ returns to the earth, known as the “Second Coming”. Simply put, we are right in the middle of a war between good and evil, and evil has been unleashed like never before, in a final attempt to destroy the souls of all men and women.

There is no reason for us to be waiting to see what is going to happen next. We already know how things end in this battle! We’ve read the book. =) More importantly, God needs your help… Right now!

But, what can we do to battle this evil? Create an army to fight? Go live in an isolated forest? Just let life happen and ride it out? Wait for someone else to come to the rescue and save the day? All… not the right ideas.

Here is a mission for you, and me… and everyone else who is on God’s side. It is mission that I would like for you to consider. This mission is what God is asking of us right now, and for us to be “All In” with our efforts!

First and foremost, this mission starts with you. What do you know about God? Do you understand that Christ atoned for you and me? Do you know that He gave his life for us… literally! Do you know that because of what He did for us while He was on this earth, all of our sins can be forgiven, and that we can live with God forever in a “heaven” that is more incredible than you can even imagine? If you have your own “testimony” of these things, you are ready to proceed. If not, there are many around you who can help you know about these things, and to have your own testimony that God is real.

Secondly, realize that Satan is coming for your soul. He is also seeking to destroy the people that you love, by influencing them to follow him. Yes, this is as scary as it sounds… I’m sorry to be the messenger of such things, but it is true. And with hearing this scary statement, let it assist us in waking up to the urgent mission that God has for us.

Each one of us, regardless of how spiritually strong we think we are, will be tempted to follow Satan. We need to acknowledge this and prepare. Decide right now to, “Hold tight to the iron rod of God,” and stay in His light, no matter what physical threats we face. If we are on alert knowing that this is Satan’s plan, his upcoming deceptions will be easier to identify, and combat.

Now, I hope that many of you are to this point. You already have this relationship with God and you understand that we are in the last days. It is my hope that you and your family have committed to follow God, and are preparing to not get picked off by Satan.

So, if we choose to accept this “mission” where do we go from here? What do we do?

We are all brothers and sisters on the Earth. And, the majority of your brothers and sisters are in trouble…. Spiritual trouble! Their “life after this mortal existence,” is bleak if they continue living how they currently are. Their lack of God in their life will, without a doubt, put them in a position to become an easy target for Satan to lure in and commit to follow him.

We need to save our brothers and sisters from the cliff that they are headed towards. They are literally at the crossroads leading to a path towards an eternity in fiery pits of hell, or living with God, surrounded by loving people, in a glorious place… Forever at peace! And the tragedy is… many of those individuals don’t even know what’s coming.

So how do we help save these lost brothers and sisters? Do we argue, and force them to believe our message? I’d say no. That strategy will never work. Let me suggest a different way, other than what this picture depicts.

I mentioned that God is on our side. We must include Him in our mission. Begin on your knees, asking God to help you find those who are looking for peace. Ask Him to lead you to those who are open to the invitation and teachings that you have to share. Then, be aware of those people that you come in contact with, always looking for opportunities to help them be rescued.

I would venture to say that the majority of people that you will come across are living in despair and hardship due to everything that is going in the world right now. It’s time to get involved and help them. You do this by asking them this simple question… “How’s Life”? Then, let the conversation happen. Be genuine in your discussion. Be empathetic as you listen to how their life is going.  

Your next question, “What do you do to find peace?” If their answers include prayer and God, then this person needs to be on your team. Share the common bond of the gospel that you have with each other, and commit to helping one another stay strong to avoid the fiery darts of the adversary. There is strength here for both of you in knowing that you have others around you who are committed to the same thing that you are… spiritual survival.

For those who answer this question differently, it’s time to say something that you might feel is bold or uncomfortable. Ask them if you can share something that has helped you find peace. “I can always find peace on my knees, praying to a loving Father in Heaven who listens and cares about me”.

If this person does not pray, this is an action that will make such a positive difference in their life. Ask them to try a personal experiment in finding peace. Invite them to pray every day for one week, and see if it makes a difference in the peace in their life.

You might even need to teach them how to pray. It’s not so much the formality of the wording of a prayer, but allowing them the opportunity of talking to God and asking for His help. They will come to find that prayer is key in finding a new calm in their life.  And so, this begins their relationship with God.

Prayer also includes a time set aside to “listen”. No radio, no distractions, just a time alone to listen to your thoughts. Many answers to prayers come as something that you might consider to be your own thoughts during these moments listening. This is how God communicates back with us.

The next steps are simple, and you’ve got it from here. Teach them who Christ is. Help them know that because of what He has done for us, we can be forgiven of our sins. This message is HUGE! 

Invite them to repent for the things that have done that has given them a guilty conscience. Let them know that by repenting, an enormous burden will be lifted from them. This experience will also be another step towards peace in their life. Prayer, and repentance… Their relationship with God is now something they want more of. Continue teaching.

Don’t feel like you have to force the gospel of Jesus Christ into one conversation with someone. Take things line upon line, one concept at a time. You are the one to teach and direct people to God, but HE will be the one that does the conversion.

As you can see, bringing people to Christ is done through love, compassion, and a true desire to help. Those who are spiritually dead may not be receptive, so move on… Your intent is not to debate the issue and prove it to be true. If they are not willing to start a relationship with God, you will never convince that individual otherwise. Simply pray for them, and continue your rescue search. 

This is our mission! This is how we help in saving someone who is lost. Can you accept this mission call? Are you “all in”? Do you feel that you can take these steps to help rescue someone who is spiritually droning? If so, then it’s time to get started… today.

An idea to start with….Perhaps reaching out on your Facebook account:

  *Throw out the 7-day prayer challenge to everyone in your group.

  *Sound the alarm of, “We have to help each other to stay strong during this battle of Good vs Evil”.

  *Ask them straight out, “How are you going to choose when you are asked to follow Satan?.

  *It’s time to make a choice, whose team are you on?

My prayers are with you as you proceed in this work. God will direct your paths. Listen to the ideas that He will give to you. He is calling you to, “Get in the game”. He needs your help in doing your part in bringing people to Him, He will do the rest. By fulfilling this mission, you will assist others greatly in making it through these last days, and into an eternity of happiness. They will have a better chance of not being deceived by Satan, and loosing their soul. God will show them the way, and help them battle such evil resistance. It is so critical that you help, as there is so much at stake.

I want to leave you with God’s blessing that He promised to give those who help rescue another:

15 “And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!”

“Let’s Roll!”

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