Preparing for Battle…”Who’s on God’s Side?”

God's Warriors" - Poem by Fonda Little

Some of you have had an entire lifetime to prepare for the days ahead, while others might have just joined the team of righteousness after learning of our Saviors love for them.  Regardless, I express my utmost respect and love for you who have chosen to be on GOD’s side.  I am honored to know that there is an informal group of men and women… young and old… that have found the Savior and are “yoked” to Him. We have indeed discovered that there is peace in the loving arms of the Savior.

The time has come for all of us to “Stand with Christ”. To venture into a phase of battle that we have never experienced before.  Things have reached the point foretold in the scriptures. It appears that there is a great divide between those who choose to be live the teachings of the Savior and those who have chosen to participate in the evil that has washed over the earth. This evil has such momentum, that there is a constant display of violence each day that cannot be escaped from view.

Our country is just days away from a presidential election that could likely ignite a powder keg of violence that has been brewing in the United States for the past several years. Tensions are high, and there is a sense of evil in many desiring to claim victory whatever the cost towards humanity. Are we prepared for what’s to come?

Our Savior has died for ALL of us.  He suffered the physical pains of our sins, so that we could be forgiven and return to God one day.  On that same night, He also experienced the emotions, pains, and difficulties that we would experience in our life.  He knows exactly what it feels like to be us… RIGHT NOW! It is now time for us to defend and honor Him.

For many of us, the battle between Good and Evil may not be a physical fight.  But, for all of us, it will require spiritual strength unlike any other time in our life.  Strength to “Stand for Christ”, and WITH Him. To testify of Him! To be proud that we know Him, and not be ashamed of that testimony, even though the rest of the world demeans that opinion.

I ask all of you to make that commitment today… right now… “Who’s on the Lord’s side; Who?” To pledge your life to Him, and to fight the fight being in 100% in standing up for truth and righteousness.

Secondly, I ask for to spend a moment and understand that you are NOT alone in this battle.  For, there is an ‘ARMY of MILLIONS’, who have the same level of commitment as you do.  We are all joined in this fight as a body of one, with the Savior as our Commander in Chief. 

I invite you all to seek out those people around you that chose to stand for Christ. Those in your neighborhood, church, friends, and family. You will need them… they will need you. Make them aware that you are with them, and that you will stand together.

The time has now expired for people to decide where they stand in the battle of Good vs Evil. Those who have not chosen to stand with Christ … and be “All In”, have essentially chosen to be swallowed up by the enticing trickery of evil. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. 

Our objective of this battle is to “Defend and Promote Righteousness.  To Shine the Light of the Savior… For All to See. To Glorify God and Prepare for the Savior’s Coming”.

As we choose our weapons to use in this battle, let us not forget the teachings of our Master:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Forgiveness
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Promptings from the Holy Ghost. 

Is this a paradox? These words seem to be contraindicated as we discuss such a serious event like a battle. It is indeed a shift in our thinking as we prepare for what is to come. To think of a battle, perhaps it leads to feelings of aggression, dominance, and violence… But isn’t that exactly what we are fighting against?  To love and not hate; To protect but not destroy; To offer compassion and not unrightfully judge; To help and not hurt.

We must choose to do the same as the Savior has shown us during the final days of His life on earth.  The Savior never changed who He was, even when they persecuted Him so harshly and took His Life. “Father forgive them… for they know not what they do”.  He lived His own teachings even in the face of unfair adversity.

Does reading this change your strategy?  Is this something that you had not considered in your “Battle Plan?”  More importantly, is this something that you can do?

I invite you to think of His final days when you are in the midst of “battle”. Can you pray for those offenders when they are in the act of physically assaulting you?   Can you glorify God, when being mocked from those asking, “Where is your God now?” Can you be the person that you have become when you committed to “Let God Prevail” in your life? I say… “YES YOU CAN!”   Remember, you are yoked to the Prince of Peace… and He is there to help you represent Him.

We have the privilege of knowing how this battle ends.  Righteousness will prevail. Evil, and all who choose to follow, will receive a miserable punishment for such a defiance towards God. So, with that understanding, I would like to offer yet another concept for you to consider.

We are fully aware that this earthly experience is for us to learn, grow, and become more like our Father in Heaven.  There has never been a greater opportunity for growth and development in your life, more than there will be in the next few years. An accelerated institute in learning opportunity.  Let your mind accept this, for we all will be given an incredible moment of time for refinement and spiritual growth.

Rather than focus on who is going to win the election, or what will happen with Covid and the present challenges we are experiencing, let your focus be upon you and your family’s spiritual development in the midst of such hard times.  How will we respond to such adversity? 

Recognize and share His tender mercies in your life.  Glorify Him as you realize the peace you feel even while it seems that your world is burning down. If your testimony comes with a price and causes you to lose all your possessions and earthly belongings, recognize that this as an opportunity to fully express your love and sacrifice for the Savior. Would you give all that you have for Him, just as He has done for you?

Sanctification is the action or process of being purified.  This ultimate goal requires deliberate action on our part.  To rise above as never before in our quest to be spiritually refined.

We now have the perfect opportunity before us in that refining process. “It’s easy to have faith when the sun is shining”.  It’s simple to trust and let go when you know that you are only inches from a safe landing”. We now have the chance to use the faith and trust in Him when things are not so certain.  To be guided by the spirit when our safety is not guaranteed, and to trust in God.

I pray that we will all have the courage, devotion, faith, and miracles promised as we surge forward into this battle.  Let us have the attitude of gratefulness for the opportunity to become sanctified. Let us realize that this time of suffering will be only a short moment, followed by the glorious reward of living in the presence of the Savior on an earth enveloped in peace.

Ephesians 6:16  Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

I stand with you. You are never alone! We are an ‘Army of Millions’, lead by One you know will see us through.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Battle…”Who’s on God’s Side?”

  1. I love how you said the battle with us can be with love!! Everything you said is so perfect in this crazy world we’re living in right now! So good. Such great advice!! These words bring such comfort to me. Yes… FAITH LOVE AND TRUST IN HIM!! WE WILL PREVAIL!!


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