“TRUST IN CHRIST” Finding Peace

I would venture to say that those of you who are reading this article are amid a personal challenge. Illness, Loss of Job, COVID 19 Changes and Concerns, or perhaps even the Loss of a Loved One.

When events such as these are placed in our path, despair, fear, depression, and uncertainty seem to be the immediate emotions that plague us. We seem to find ourselves overcome with gloom and the loss of hope.  “Why me?” “Why now?”  “Why this?” “Life has been challenging enough, and now I am forced to face yet another trial. I feel defeated emotionally!”  “No one understands the PAIN that I am going through right now.”

From one who is also experiencing new challenges today in my personal life, please know that I too have faced the same immediate emotions of despair, and loss of hope.

But I must share, through my own experience, the exquisite hope, love, and comfort that I have just found, once again.

Jesus Christ, through the atonement, not only took upon the sins of the world, but He also experienced the emotions, thoughts, and heart aches of the challenges that you are facing right now. There is someone that knows EXACTLY how you feel…Jesus Christ!  Take a moment and think about what I just said. He lived it…  He felt it… and He understands where you are emotionally because of it.  Understanding that you have someone who gets you is the first step to finding peace, even though your trial might seem monumental to you right now.

A scripture, “found me” after my son died.  The topic taught in these sacred words has been my “GO TO PLAN” when faced with overwhelming hardships.  I would like to share it with you.

Matthew 11:28-30

28 ¶ aCome unto me, all ye that blabour and are heavy laden, and I will give you crest.

29 Take my ayoke upon you, and blearn of me; for I am cmeek and dlowly in eheart: and ye shall find frest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is aeasy, and my burden is light.

In verse 28, that seems to be our current situation… We are “heavy laden” (overwhelmed with a trial). But it is followed by a promise…”I will give you rest.”  YES!! That is what we want, right? Rest, peace comfort. But how do we receive that rest?  His answer, “Come unto Me.”

Verse 29 gives us what I have found to be such a PROFOUND step in overcoming despair, and the loss of hope: “Take My yoke upon you.” But what does this mean, and how can we do it?  Let us first understand what the word Yoke means here.

Think back to the days when farmers plowed the land with cattle and a plow.  These farmers would join the cows together with a device call a Yolk.

By yoking these cows together, they were able to pull the plow walking the same line.  There was synergistic strength of uniting the two together. And an important point as it relates to this scripture. Often the cows would become tired. When this happened, the other cow would exert more effort and strength to keep the plow going, while one rested and could not pull as hard as the other cow.

You are emotionally tired right now, perhaps even to the point of giving up, or running away from God. As you yolk to the Savior, He will become the strong force of carrying most of the “Burden Load” that you are carrying.  Trust me…. It is not a 50 / 50 pull… it is more like a 99 / 1 effort displayed by the Savior.  He will meet you in this trial that He fully understands and move you through it with surprising blessings.

You will find rest, and His greatest promise… “My yolk is easy, and My burden light.”  When you involve the Savior, your current trial becomes easy, and the burden that you bare becomes light.  I share this fact as something that I have seen happen repeatedly in my own life. These words of “EASY” and “LIGHT” are not misprints, or over exaggeration.. they are just as promised.

The Savior also gives us a clue how to begin this process when He says, “Learn of Me.” That is indeed your next step to find peace.  Take some time today and learn of the Savior. Study who He is, and what He taught.  During this time of study, I want you to take note on how you feel emotionally as you study Him.

Through prayer, invite the Savior to be a part of your hardship. Pray that He will give you insight, direction, and a calming peace. An important concept to understand here is, your focus should be to pray for strength and peace through the trial, and not always to have God take the trial away.  We always feel better when the trial is over or solved.  However, our trials are not just unfortunate events randomly thrown at us.  They are specific opportunities for us to learn, grow, and become better. We want to grow but need someone to give us the strength to do it.  That is what He will do for us in ANY situation.

You will find the link… the answer in finding peace.  Just as you experienced that calming feeling when you studied the Savior as assigned in the above paragraph. You will know that as you keep learning of Him, he will give you peace.  The world is creating challenges for us every day.  To keep up, or even surpass, I suggest learning of the Savior EVERY DAY.

This is how you will find peace and strength.  You will not find it through a presidential election, a riot, winning a debate or argument.  It will come immediately, through His promise of “Light” and “Easy” and you draw closer to the one who understands you perfectly…

Jesus Christ!

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