I Might Die Soon. What Will Happen To Me?

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There are so many different teachings from various religions, and groups of people relating to life after death.  Certainly people’s opinions are far from consistent when asked this question. Answers extend from dying is the ultimate end… with nothing more beyond this life, to a heaven filled with eternal glory and happiness.

So what is it? What am I expected to do to prepare for life after death? I’d like to share my own thoughts for you to consider.  A “Common Sense” approach to dealing with this concept.

The MOST important concept, as we begin this discovery, is to note that, “It is what it is!” When we die, we are not directed down to the “Life After Death Convention Center” specific to the religion that we have selected to be a part of on this life. There are many believes, but only ONE reality. Spend some time thinking about this statement.  It is important for you to grasp this before we continue.

Secondly, I’d like for you to just take a look at the forces on this earth today.  Don’t look at specific religions, as this is not the debate right now.

Would you agree that there are two dominate forces in our world…? Good vs Evil? My view here might seem simplistic to you, but important just the same.  This concept in itself to me is evidence that there is something more than just this life. 

Why evil?  Why Good?  There is apparently a battle happening today… and one that has existed since the beginning of time.  This battle is over YOU.  This force of evil wants you to destroy yourself…and take down others with you…. why?  The force of good wants you to become a better version of yourself, and reach out to others in helping them accomplish their very best as well… But, for what?

For those of us who believe in God, life after death fits in our belief. But for those exploring this concept for the first time, consider this battle that is happening right now. 

The purpose of this fight must be for something relative to our existence beyond this earth life.  Common sense tells me that this life is part of a journey that extends beyond death.  We have been placed in an environment where evil exists.  Experiencing opposition is essential in our development.  It’s hard to appreciate being healthy, until you have experienced a health challenge.  We can’t fully experience comfort, unless we have felt pain… and so on.  Understanding why we are here, helps us see into our future beyond death.

I’ll share a personal experience with you to lend credibility to life after death.  There are many others out there if you feel the need to continue your studies with this.

I have spent my entire career in health care.  Many of those years have been in the caring for the elderly.  I have been with many who are in the final stages in life.  I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed for myself, patients display a very similar thing prior to their passing.  They are fully alert, eyes opened, communicating with someone who is not visibly present in the room. “Mom, Is that you?”  “I’m ready”. Soon after their communication,… they are gone.  Interesting to observe, but more importantly… the feeling while in the room is different… peaceful, reverent, humbling, touching, as if to be reminded of being a part of something greater.

If you are with me up to this point, you have a feeling that there might be, or is, life after death.  You also agree that life after death is not changed based upon our beliefs.  The reality is that what exists has been established already.

From this point, beliefs vary greatly.  My intent is not to say what I believe, or what you should believe either. I do however, want to throw out some common sense ideas for you to ponder.

Back to the battle on earth.  This must have something to do with what happens to us in our eternal existence.

I know from my own life experiences that none of us are perfect.  We all make mistakes, and some us make big ones.  I am surrounded by awesome people, and, they make mistakes too.  I have to use this evidence that we are not expected to be perfect on this earth.  It is IMPOSSIBLE!

But, I also know that when I try hard to do the right thing, my life is better.  When I do make wrong choices, I find comfort in asking for forgiveness from others that I have offended, as well as a God that I believe in.  It feels refreshing.  A mulligan.. A do over! 

Even though my mistakes are continual in life, I am not overwhelmed with frustration, as I just continue to try.  Because of this, I feel like I am becoming a better version of myself.

I have also had to endure some very difficult things here on earth.  They have helped me to become stronger, more compassionate, loving, and have a desire to help others.  I like who I have become because of enduring these challenges.

I have also had a dark period of time in my life. Self-focused, and not caring about good choices.  Doing things that I wanted to do, not considering the consequences of my choices that others would have to endure.  This time period for me was depressing, destructive, and caused me to dwarf into something less of what I was.

Using my own experiences, I choose to keep trying to live in the light.  Understanding that this is a constant journey… filled with ups and downs.  Not seeking perfection, just goodness.

So when I die, to me it’s not that I need to know exactly where I will be, or what will happen to me.  I know that it will be a chance for me to continue my journey of becoming a better person.  I can see myself placed in an environment that will be consistent with my desire to be associated with others who want to do the same.  Being with others that I am comfortable being around.  Those, just like me, who have made mistakes, but who are living to become better than they were.

Are additional details of life after death really that important for you to get caught up in right now?  Specific teachings are only theories or opinions.

Start living the life that feels right for you.  Try to be the best that you can be each day.  Understand that you will make mistakes.  Don’t get caught in the net of despair for making those bad choices. Ask for forgiveness.  Beyond that, trust that you will get to take the person that you have become onto the next life.

I also invite you to see God as a loving Father, rather than a harsh entity as some do. Keep trying to be better at being the best you. If this is your daily goal, there is no need to worry about the details of the next life… It will merely be an extension of your desire here. =)

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