Vaccine Mandates? – A Reasonable Solution!

America… Land of the Free. And as always, it’s the men and women of this great country that come together to fix what the government screws up.

It doesn’t matter which side of the COVID vaccine argument that you are on, we all get a very strong feeling that what Mr. Biden is doing by forcing vaccinations upon us, at the expense of someone losing a job is wrong. His action is seen by many as simply a Dictator, taking away our freedom. It doesn’t feel right, because it isn’t right. But, what can we all do?

This article I’m writing today is intended to be a solution and not a protest. I reach out to every employer who is faced with the unpleasant acknowledgment of, “If this mandate is applied to my business, I will lose employees that I can’t afford to lose. With inadequate staffing, It will have additional negative consequences which will affect my business.” But what if we can fix this problem…. just you and me… right now? Well, we can, and we will.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to voice their opinion about Mr. Biden’s so-called Vaccine Mandate, in their recent post, “Where is Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?” This article was published on October 5, 2021 which you can find online. Biden’s Nonexistent Vaccine Mandate is exactly that… It is a threat, it does not exist. It is certainly not a law so why are we treating it as if it were? Let’s look into this further.

The article likens Mr. Biden’s imaginary vaccine mandate law as saber rattling, a simple threat with no intent to make it law. Here is some of the article:

“The mandate’s nonexistence shields the Biden administration from legal challenges that may ultimately restrict the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s authority. Yet the mandate is still effective at compelling industries and companies into compliance, as it leaves room for any eventual issuance to target non-compliant entities. This implied cudgel is particularly effective on industries and companies that are dependent on federal spending or the goodwill of federal regulators. The nonexistent mandate also allows so-inclined state and local governments and companies to issue their mandates, seemingly in lockstep with Washington.

The Biden White House has been well-served by presenting a nonexistent mandate as a done deal. We can expect this mandate to not be around for a long time.”

Understanding Mr. Biden’s motive here is important. He wants to push the vaccine on as many people as possible. But, he also understands the limits of his actions. Making this mandate a law would surely lead to losing a legal battle, one that he knows is just that… Illegal.

So as he rattles his saber with the threat of a mandate, he is getting a very similar reaction to if this were to be an actual law. Companies are jumping the gun and making poor decisions assuming that this is required.

How do YOU feel to be taken by Mr. Biden’s made-up mandate? You would have lost employees for nothing. Well, take that emotion that you feel right now and let’s beat him as his game.

So, to the employers, I say, please recognize that Biden’s vaccine mandate is not a law, it is not a rule that currently needs to be followed. Consider for a moment that this mandate is just a threat. Those who have considered this thought are doing the most prudent thing given all of the circumstances… They are taking a wait-and-see approach. They are backing off on any company policy changes that would enforce something that is only just a threat and losing precious employees in the process.

Again, there is currently no law, or penalty associated with the Vaccine Mandate because it does not exist. Please check this out with your attorney, and you will see that what I am saying is completely true.

Employers who act on this rumor will find themselves having to dismiss a good portion of their workforce, only to find out down the road that this mandate never made it past the threat stage. Wouldn’t that just infuriate you?

Taking a wait-and-see approach still is incredibly safe regarding any penalties or punishments. Should this ever become law, which is highly unlikely, the employer could then structure things according to the law, avoiding any penalty or punishment.

Do the right thing! Please, for the sake of your employees who have decided to protect their freedom by not giving in to a forced medical vaccination. They are willing to lose a job that they need to support a family. To me, this is incredibly inspiring, BUT IT DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN. Put off terminating the unvaccinated employees, and let this play out. This is how WE made a difference. This is how WE prevent a labor disaster. This is how we fight to keep our America.

It’s time to kick this Biden threat to the curb.

One thought on “Vaccine Mandates? – A Reasonable Solution!

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. I do not directly benefit from your sensible advice to employers in the USA, but it is nevertheless good to see.

    You say on your site heading “Because Life Doesn’t Come With Instructions”. In away that is true except it was written a long time ago that ‘They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.’ In reality it is in the DNA, the word in our very core, the stuff of life.

    You might be interested in the following.

    This gives access to my main Covid 19 Summary and that gives access to the various other issues. This includes the Wuhan issue where the deceit all started.

    These may also be of help.

    Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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