Are We There Yet? A Guide Through God’s Perspective.

The vacation that you have dreamed about was finally a reality. With the family car loaded up, you were finally on your way. After driving several miles, the words sang out from the back seat, “Are we there yet?

Let’s look at this question from two different perspectives: From the child asking the question, as well as from the parent’s point of view.

The child has been told that the trip would take a long time to travel to get there. After what seems to be “Forever” traveling in the car, the child has decided in their mind that the time that has gone by has been a “long time”. Feeling that they have satisfied the requirement of waiting a long time, they ask a very sincere question, “Are we there yet?”

When told that there was still a long way to go, once again the child did their part and waited for what they felt was a long time. They then again ask the same question, only to be disappointed by hearing the same answer. In the child’s mind, they become impatient. They even felt a bit cheated. They had done their part by waiting a long time, but their reward of getting to their destination kept being pushed away again and again.

The parents see things entirely differently. They have the advantage of maturity, as well as past experiences to understand the concept of traveling a great distance. They understand the sacrifice that is required to get there but know full well that they will eventually arrive at their destination.

They comprehend the big picture. They are made aware of their progress by observing mileage markers, and by using facts to understand, rather than just emotions as the child does.

I use this example because it is something that we all can relate to. We have experienced, “Are we there yet”, both as the child and as the parent.

This understanding can be quite helpful as it relates to spiritual events in our life. There are those reading this article who are patiently waiting for God to answer their prayer. When the answer that they are looking for does not come, they question what is happening. Like our experience as a child, we feel cheated. We have done what we are expected to do by having faith, and being patient, only to become discouraged that the answer never comes.

God is the parent in our earthly experience. He sees the entire journey that we are on. He knows that we will get to our destination, however, He also understands the things that are necessary for us to travel through to get to where we want to be.

I invite you to see this mortal life as an experience for growth and development, rather than expecting God to always provide comfort and immediate solutions to our struggles.

Over your lifetime, you have matured from the child asking, “Are we there yet”, to the adult with the understanding of what is required to get to where we want to be. We are making progress, just as this mortal life was intended to be.

These last days on earth are becoming very challenging spiritually. We want to get to the end where we can live with God in peace and comfort….and it can’t come soon enough. However, some of your greatest growth will be in these final hours. We have to TRUST God as the parent. He will see us through to the very end. Let Him take the wheel. Let Him drive! He knows the way through what’s coming ahead.
Spend less time praying for Him to do as you request, and more time asking for strength, courage, patience, and peace. This is your answer!

We know what will happen in the days ahead, we have read the book. Evil will make a run, expect it. We also know how things end. Righteousness will prevail… WE WIN! I encourage all of you to hang on. There is peace in CHRIST, and there is the strength needed by asking God daily for His help. You are stronger than you think. Use this time as it is intended to become closer to our Heavenly Father, and develop a stronger spiritual you.

We will get to our ‘dream vacation” very soon, I so testify of that!

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