The Second Coming of Christ. What You Need To Know (Part 2)

“So, what if things go as I have explained in Part 1?  What can I expect next?”

Something that is very important for me to convey to you, is your preparation in making your decision of whose team you are on now… and how you are going to assure that you remain strong in that decision when all of this goes down.

To start, consider this…

Image result for stand for something or fall for everything

Today, make the decision to stand for your belief in God. Stand for your decision to fight the fight on HIS side. Stand to support and defend truth, light, and righteousness.  If you are on the fence with your support today, and desire to be on this team…get there quick!  You must be strong with your commitment now!!!

Come with me down the road of your future, and let me show you why this decision is so important.

Soon, YOU and I, and everyone else on the planet, will be asked very directly for our allegiance and full support of Satan.  For those who say “Yes”, they will be given a mark to acknowledge that they have made a conscious decision to follow the bad guy.  So, why would someone do this? Let’s look at the facts:

Revelation 13:17 King James Version (KJV) 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

WOW… Satan wants you soul… and he is going to make it “Somewhat Impossible” for you to continue on with your life, unless you join his team.  Without this mark, we will be excluded from “buying or selling”, which means all transactions of normal living. Routine things will be impossible.  Going to the grocery store, paying your bills, even have a job will require having this mark. Play this out in your mind right now.. Will you falter in your decision?

Remember the big picture.  This battle is with GOD and Satan… and, you are a soldier in this war. If you don’t choose God’s team now, you will be tricked into making the decision to follow Satan later. Trust me on this one. I know how Satan works.

Don’t get caught in this logic… “I need food for my kids, I need to make life better for them… easier…. So I will choose to take the mark… not for my loyalty to Satan, but for my family.”  DON’T believe this way of thinking, for it is only a disguise… However, expect it!!!

Let me introduce a new concept, a sort of rewiring of our brains to prepare for this decision.  You and me… we will do whatever is necessary to SURVIVE… right?  That’s how we are programed.  Additionally, we would do whatever is necessary to ensure our family’s survival… even if that means sacrificing for them.

Using this example, how would you respond to this scenario?  “I will take your family’s life, unless you take the mark of the beast?” Answer this honestly. But wait…Let me give you more information so that you can give the answer that you really would want to give. The best answer for all of those that you love.

We must realize TODAY that this earth life is just a snapshot of our eternal existence. Death is merely a change of scenery.  We must make all of our decisions with this in mind.  Deciding to fight for rightness, even if it means losing our life or the life of those we love, will bring immediate GOOD rewards, (taking us out of such an evil environment on this earth), as well as eternal rewards… living with God because of our righteous decisions.  Can you see this with your new eyes?

Let me make it simple… “Do what is RIGHT… Let the CONSEQUENCES follow!

Need more facts to make the above decision? Here are some: Remember, for those who take the mark… they will only continue to live on this earth for 3 1/2 years.  That’s right!  Go back and read ‘part one’ regarding the 7 years.  So, if you are weak, and decide to take the mark, your life on this earth will end soon anyway when the Savior comes. Evil, in all forms, will be eliminated as the planet changes to its Terrestrial state. You might have bought some extra days on earth, but your decision will have a tremendous impact on your eternity.

Something more… Revelation 16:2 2”And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”  Did you catch that? Even those who take the mark will not be free of challenge like Satan would have you believe. The choice of taking the mark will lead to having these sores which are detailed in the above scripture.  The cause of the sores are open for interpretation, however, in my studies it is my opinion that the sores will be caused by a nuclear explosion or radiation exposure.  Not something I personally would want to be a part of.  Regardless of where they come from, just know that those who think that they are taking the easy way by following Satan will also have mortal challenges for them and their families as well.

One last point.  God loves us!  He wants us to remain on the team of “Good”.  I find comfort in knowing that He will watch over us during all of this.

There is continual discussion with religious scholars regarding an event called, “The Rapture”.  God, in protecting the righteous on the earth during this period, will allow them to be “Caught Up” in the clouds, protecting them from Satan and the chaos that he has caused on the earth.

I like that thought!!  It is consistent with some of the other miracles that He has performed in protecting the righteous people.  Remember Moses and all of his followers… pushed up to the banks of the Red Sea… trapped… with the King’s army in pursuit to destroy them.  And then, God parted the sea, allowing all of them to escape.  We have to have faith that God will not forget us during our time of being trapped, and the evil warriors coming to destroy us. He has the ability to protect us from them.

I invite you all to consider this information as you prepare for what is coming.  Surround yourself with people that have also chosen to be on the side of good.  You will know when it is time to partner up with them.  Once you are in the camp of righteous people, your decision to remain on God’s team will become a bit easier… than just going through it all by yourself.

Talk to the people that you love about this.  These events are coming.  Don’t wait until the time gets here and expect them to make the right decision using the “old wiring” of logic.

Think beyond this moment of time.  The anxiety of doing so can be replaced by the comforting thought that you have a plan.  You are on the side that WINS!! He will guide you through it… He will part the sea!  He will lead you to His other soldiers. And the reward…. Will be more than you can even imagine! 

Peace out… I’ll see you in camp.  =)

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