Had Enough of Corrupt Political Leaders?

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Corruption.  We watch people in high places continue to get away with wrongdoing, time after time… day after day. You might have even quit watching the news because it makes you so angry to see double standards and some leaders who seem to get away with everything…and we… can’t even get out of a speeding ticket… Right?

First of all, let me confirm your feelings of unfairness, and the absence of accountability that we are all witnessing. It’s is very real!! You are exactly correct in your observations. It is not fair!  It is not legal! It is not what ethical people do! It is against your values and teachings!  It is beyond a joke, as it has reached a level so great; that we feel helpless is our ability to do anything about it. But why do people get away with things that are so blatantly criminal?

Let’s back up a bit and look at the very topic of corruption.  All of us are motivated differently.  You and I might excel at what we do by our drive of “Making things better”.  We all have somewhat of a motivation generated by the desire to earn money as a means to care for our family.  But there are others who are entirely motivated by the concept of power, greed, and control. These are the characterizes fueling such corruption.

This desire for money and power far surpasses their desire to obey moral guidelines.  This is not just a handful of people, this corrupt group is mighty, and has risen to the top leadership in our government. The Deep State as they are called.

Might I inject my own spiritual beliefs to offer some insight?  The adversary, Satan, has a very key role in this behavior.  Our world seems so complicated at times, but is quite simplistic in this concept… There is a continual battle of good vs evil happening on our planet.  It’s nothing new, yet has been enhanced in these latter days. Satan has clearly revealed that he will take the money, pleasures of this world, fame, enhance talents, and power to try to defeat the righteous.  He is the reason for all of this corruption. 

There are many examples of entertainers who have actually “sold their souls” to him, in exchange for fame and fortune.  There are also many financial kingpins who have obtained their wealth through such a relationship, and are being held to that agreement in using that wealth to destroy goodness on the earth.  Recognize this, as you are trying to understand the big picture of what is happening today.

For those who are on the “goodness” side of life… I must remind you of something.  We KNOW how this story ends.  We have read the book =) Righteousness wins in the end, and the Savior will return eliminating evil and corruption.  The earth will be restored to peace and goodness.

So, in the meantime, are we just expected to sit back and let dishonest and evil people just take advantage of the rest of us…. WAIT FOR IT…. “NO!!! I’m not doing that, and I suggest that you don’t either”. We can do all things possible to expose corruption when we see it.  Bring their evil actions to light. Share this uncovering with your friends. Be vocal, and take a stand… Be heard, and proud of your alliance in exposing corruption. 

We can fight back.  It is my belief that we may very well be called upon to fight this battle of good vs evil physically one day.  To take up arms in defending our beliefs and fighting to restore goodness upon the earth.  That time is coming. It is not up to you or me to decide when this will happen, but I invite you to be ready for the call.  “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic“. “I’m in, are you?”

So, consider the happenings on this earth.  Things are “right on schedule”, as foretold in the scriptures.  Don’t get caught up in the despair that results from others being corrupt.  There will be periods of time when it appears that evil is winning. During these times, let’s do our part in exposing the truth.

I also invite you to know who is on your side.  We need to continue to come together, for there is power in a group of many.  It’s time to pick a side.  Are you on the side of Good..? Or, will you cower to the enticing of Evil?  You don’t need to be perfect to be on the side of Good… Just keep trying.  Light always overcomes the darkness… always!!! Prepare yourself for what’s to come.  You’ll find the answers in your preparation for this battle while you’re on your knees. “Ooh Rah”!

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