Thinking About Suicide? Here’s A Plan…

I’m glad that you are here reading this article.  I have sat in a chair close to yours with similar feelings.  I reach out to you with open arms and invite you to take a moment to consider the following thoughts.

Our brain is a very productive gift that we have all been given.  One of the tasks that it continually performs is…. “To Always Search For An Answer“.  When we are in a state of discomfort, our brain is once again looking for a solution to relieve the pain.

When our suffering becomes intense, Suicide is often a “solution” that pops into our head.  I’d like to spend a moment here to discuss this with you. Many people are surprised that they even have the thought of suicide.  Why would they think of something so drastic?  Why do some people think of suicide constantly?  Does it mean that suicide is my answer?

I am not here to give you a motivational talk… I’m here to help you understand where you are, why you are having these thoughts, and perhaps even… what next.

I have observed, studied, and had discussions with many people who have been “Suicidal”.  In every single case, they all have one thing in common.  They are all overwhelmed with pain and suffering.  Perhaps physical pain for some, but in most of my dealings, it has been people in emotional pain caused by depression, life choices, lonlyness, and other mental health issues.  MENTAL PAIN HURTS!!!

To family members of the above, I’ve often explained emotional pain in a sense that they might be better able to relate to.  “We all have a conscious… right?  We’ve all made mistakes which has made our conscious kick in and make us uncomfortable, no doubt.  Now imagine if you were texting while driving, and hit a family head-on, causing an accident so severe that the entire family was killed. Because of this accident, how would you feel for a day… a month… a year… you’re entire life?” This example highlights the level of emotional pain that many suicidal people feel.  It’s not that they are sad… They are in pain.

People suffering with Mental Pain want one thing… FOR THE PAIN TO…. STOP!  They do not want to die… they do not want to take their own life… Their intent is not to hurt people that they love by such an act.  Their body and mind want them to survive. Understandibly, the person simply wants relief from the pain which plagues them day after day…. sleepless night after night.  Can you identify with what I am saying?

That…. my friend, is what I want for you too..  To find a way for you to shed your coat of pain.  To provide an answer that gives you this relief, yet does not involve doing something harmful to yourself because there are no other options. You… want that too!

First, partner up with someone that you trust.  When you are at this level of despair, you need someone to assist you in moving forward.  A friend, family member, boss, anyone that you feel that could assist you. Their assignment is simple… to help you to schedule and get to medical appointments. You will likely not do this on your own, due to being so mentally exhausted.

For those of you who have been diagnosed with Depression, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, or Anxiety, I’m going to just be bold and speak from all of my experiences.  The majority of the solution that awaits you lies in the proper medication brand, and the proper dose!

Diabetics need insulin for treatment. Chemical imbalances in the brain needs medication to restore a proper level to function. This was indeed what saved my life!!!!! If you have tried meds before… So did I.. From one failure to another….. for a year’s period of time.  But once the correct treatment was discovered…. my mental pain was substantially reduced, and at times…. eliminated!

Talk therapy may or may not work for you. Have that trusted friend help you make that decision with you. If something doesn’t work after a month of trying, move on to something else. When you are at your worst, you might need someone to bounce treatment ideas off of.

I’m here for you as well. If you want to discuss your specific challenges with me…. I’m here to listen. I am motivated to help you find answers.  You can beat this pain!!

I have many posts on this blog to reinforce this conclusion.  Please take a moment to continue your reading with some of my posts. Let’s make your pain go away.

One thought on “Thinking About Suicide? Here’s A Plan…

  1. Yes. I am Rays wife. He/we have been through it. He can help you. He’s very well educated in this kind of experience. Not through a school. But through living through it. If anyone out there needs someone. But have no one to talk to or feel like you can. Ray CAN HELP YOU!! Had overcome some amazing challenges when it comes to this topic!!!

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