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I have to categorize this posting as “URGENT”, and I invite you to take some action with your kids as soon as possible.

In case you haven’t heard on the news… A Florida Pediatrician was watching a you tube video with her son. About four minutes into the “cartoon like” video the scene cuts away to an older man.  He states that he is going to show them how to commit suicide.  He goes on to instruct them that if they are just after attention, to cut across their wrists.  But if they were ready to die, they should cut their wrists long ways.

She also goes on to say that in her research, she has found video “cut-ways” regarding human trafficking, as well as kid being approached by predators on line, and through gaming devices.

I’ll give you a minute to process what I have just told you.  Now, let me answer the first question that has come to all of your minds.  “Why would someone do such a thing?” Our minds cannot even begin to understand the motivation of such a person. Let me share some thoughts for you to consider.

We are all about caring for others.  We go out of our way to help…. And even save other people.  We rescue stranded cats in storm drains for heavens sakes.  We see strangers injured in an accident and begin to worry, and even pray for their safety.  Our brains are wired to love, care, and help others.

So, why would he do this? You cannot use your own logic because you don’t think this way. But let’s take a quick look at why someone would do this. When someone chases darkness, sinful acts are never enough.  Those acts get darker and darker as they sink into unimaginable desires.  They play into the perverse whisperings of destruction.  And quite simply, a person with such thoughts is on the cliff of despair themselves.  Some might even think that they are doing the world a favor by helping them get out of this miserable world, such as they are feeling. 

Mental illness can also play a part in having a person display homicidal ideas and actions towards others.

NOW…. The important part of all of this.  There is no way… “I Promise” that you will be able to sensor everything that your child sees or is involved in.  I admonish you to continue the safeguards that you have in place to minimize their exposure.  But we are at a moment in time where a further discussion is needed to take place with your kids. The level of depth that you choose to go is certainly your call.

Start of by telling your kids that they are surrounded by people that love and care about them.  Remind them of the safe haven that their home provides.  Family, friends, grandparents all are watching out for them.  They too care about them, and want to keep them safe.

Let them know that you need their help in keeping other kids safe. Explain that there are people on line that are trying to get kids to do bad things. Again explain this at the depth that you are comfortable with. You need their help, and they can be someone who really makes a difference in helping other kids. Their job? Their job is as they watch you tube, or play games, if they ever see anything that you are explaining, that they can be a hero if they come and get you to see what they have discovered. Then, with their help, go online and report your findings to you tube or the source of where it came from. You tube does not want this content on their site, and will be grateful that you and your child are making a difference.

Play this out with your child. We just did something that helped other kids. That video is gone now because of what you did. But what if we hadn’t of acted and another kid who didn’t know what was going on fell into the trap. You save them!!

Kids are reluctant to tell parents when they come upon things like this. They fear that parents will take away their phone or device. Be sensitive to that, but as you work in harmony with them, they will gladly report what they see, because you have just teamed up in a process to do something about bad things on line. You guys are important, and are making a difference.

Our children love the “pats on the back for doing something good”. This takes a scary scenario and changes things to empower your children to make a difference. They spot it… report it…. take action to have it remove… and then bask in the glory of receiving praise for a job well done.

I invite you to have this conversation. We have the power….shared with our children to help save others.


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