God… Just Show Me a Sign… Then, I’ll Believe!

To my doubtful readers, I’m happy to see that you have returned, perhaps looking for more thoughts on how best to discover that God lives.  I too have been thinking about additional events and topics that might assist you on your journey.

Seeing is believing! Right?  We doubt someone’s claim, but once we have actually seen it with our own eyes, then we believe it to be true.  It only makes logical sense that we should be able to make such a statement when it comes to the knowledge of God’s existence.  Just show me a sign… then I’ll believe. (Hold on to this thought).

I have met many that proclaim that, “They know God lives… and that Jesus is our Savior”.  I would share that these are my feelings as well.  And, I too would choose the word “Know”… and not just “Believe”.  I do not know of any of my acquaintances that have seen God, me included.  So, how can we make such a bold statement regarding His deity?

Let’s start with ‘seeing is believing’.  I would like for you to assume a character in an actual event that happened thousands of years ago.  As I lay out the details, I would like for you to emotionally feel as your character must have felt, and see the experience through YOUR eyes, just as they did.

It was in the 16th century BC, when the Hebrews received the answer to their prayers. They were set free.  Led by Moses out of the land of Egypt, they were off to a new beginning.  Only God could have made the circumstances come together in making this impossible task come true.

Now, if you were there, you would have seen the misery of the people there under a dictator.  You were a slave to him and his regime.  Your purpose was to serve him and build his kingdom at all expense.  His power was great, and… you and your family were helpless. You could see the impossibilities of ever being set free. Impossible… but it happened. (Be patient, I’m getting to my point).

Hundreds if not thousands of people fled Egypt.  They traveled to the edge of the Red Sea. By then the Pharaoh had changed his mind. He lead his army to destroy all of them (this includes you).  You and all of these people are trapped up against the sea… There is no place to escape.  This is the time that you will surely die, or at best, be taken back into slavery in Egypt.  Scared?  I would be. Hoping for another miracle?

Image result for parting the red sea

Moses parted the Red Sea…. Let me say that again in case you are reading this fast… Moses Parted The Red Sea!  He created an escape path.  The ocean parted, and you are now running through a new path that was just created by the hand of God.  Well…. There’s your sign.. Right?  If you were there to see that… you would surely believe in God! But… hold on…

The people were all safe on the other side of the sea.  A miracle had just happened right in front of your eyes. But… what happened next will disprove the spiritual theory of seeing is believing.

Moses left for a few days.  He was a prophet of God, and he was seeking guidance for his people.  You know the story… He went up into the mountain and received the Ten Commandments.  When he returned to the group…. (Are you ready for the ending?)

You would think that these people would be in humble gratitude, giving praise to a God who had just saved them… But, that was not the case.  Just in a matter of days, after seeing the miracle from God, they all were worshiping a very different God made of gold, and committing all kinds of sins and abominations before God.  What? Seriously??  But they had just seen it for themselves. Now they are acting as if nothing happened?

“Just, show me a miracle…. Then I’ll believe.”  That was not the case for these hundreds or thousands of people there.  It only took a few days to discard the hand of God, and go right back to their pagan beliefs.

So, what is the difference?  If it’s not by seeing a sign from God, how do people make the fervent claim that they KNOW God is real?  The answer… It’s not your eyes that will enable you to know that spiritual matters are true.  Well then… what is it?

Spiritual matters, such as God’s existence, come from your own spirit’s conformation that these things are indeed true.  It’s not your brain’s logic, or physical touch, sight or smell.. But….your spirit acknowledging heavenly truths.  It makes perfect sense… Spirit communicating with spirit regarding spiritual matters.

Your answer that God is real will come to you in a learning conviction, different than any other knowledge you have acquired.

So, stop looking for your alphabet cereal to spell out “God is real” in your morning breakfast. Pray that He will help you know of His existence.  He will tell your spirit. Read and study. And then… listen with your spirit.  When it happens, you’ll know what I mean.  It won’t be long before you too will be saying… “I KNOW that God lives”.

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