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One of my life’s simple pleasures is collecting and learning about…. “Rocks,” of all things. =) The creation of such different materials, shapes, and colors are just the covers of the books for information which they contain.

But the most interesting item to me, and what I’ve just put into my “rock” collection information, has been the 1973 discovery of Brimstone in the ancient towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, located on the shores of the Dead Sea. We’ve all heard the story, but what is brimstone?

Brimstone is a white, almost 100% pure ball of Sulphur. These Sulphur balls have been discovered in various sizes throughout the lands that were once Sodom and Gomorrah.

Surrounded by destroyed material, they have left “pock marks” that dot the ground. After striking the earth, they have been capsuled and preserved to give credibility to the biblical tale. And, thousands of years after impacting the earth, they can still be ignited with a match to burn once again.

It is estimated that these balls of fire burned close to 400 to 700 degrees F. Their fiery assault upon the town resulted in total devastation. Everything and everyone there were essentially eliminated.

God has always worked through natural means. So as you consider this story, can you just imagine all of these burning brimstone balls striking the cities? Thousands raining down from the sky with the intent to annihilate everything. Fire from the sky… really? YES.. Really, and now you know how that was accomplished.

I’m fascinated with this. To be able to take a “story,” and back it up with this evidence, is another testimony that God lives.

So why were these people destroyed?

We all have our own interpretation of the characteristics of God. To me, He is loving, patient, understanding, just, and is involved in nurturing me to become my very best. I rarely associate Him with the emotion of being vengeful.

In again researching, why would God would take such dramatic measures towards people? I think that it’s fair to say that similar evil exists on the earth today…. And, no current reporting of brimstone strikes.

Abraham was told that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were to be destroyed. He pleads with God not to destroy them. His Nephew Lot, and his family lived there. God’s response was that if Abraham could find 10 righteous people living there, He would spare the cities. However, those cities were full of people committing “Grave Sins”. Angles were sent to the city disguised as men. Their findings were that the only righteous people living there were Lot and his family. That family was instructed to leave, and the city was destroyed.

So, back to the question of evil cities today not being destroyed, as Sodom and Gomorrah were. Here is my interpretation.

It’s clear to me that God is interested in protecting the righteous. The city would have been spared if only 10 righteous people could be found. That was not the case. Everyone with the exception of Lot and his family had chosen a life of sin and darkness. They were not good people who occasionally made mistakes. They were living a life of perverse sin and evil. Their lights had gone out for some time. No kindness, no love, no compassion..Just perverse pleasure was their core desire. This is who they had become.

We look at evil today. There is no doubt in my mind that similar perverse people exist on the earth. For those who have chosen that lifestyle, it should be clear what God thinks of your choice.

But even now in cities such as “sin city,” there are righteous people living there, preventing God’s destruction of that city. And, it is my opinion that these righteous people living there represent HOPE for those who are wicked living among them. God is holding out hope that the righteous will be able to save their evil brothers and sisters. There is still light in the city. Still, a force of 10, which might be able to make a difference with the others.

To remove all of the light, hope dwindles, and evil prevails. Perhaps God’s act of destroying all of the wicked in Sodom and Gomorrah was an act of compassion, saving them from further perverse evil, despair, and the devastating consequences of sin. They had been given their time on earth to prove to themselves what they would do with their agency, and they had demonstrated their answer.

It is not God’s intent for us to fear Him.  He is loving and kind… He forgives, over and over, and over, and over, and over.  We all make mistakes.  That’s why he has provided a Savior and repentance. But let’s keep our face toward the sunshine. That is our task.  Let’s keep trying. Let’s be loving, compassionate, and forgiving. Let’s pick each other up.  Stay on the course of rightousness.

It is also my belief that this story speaks to the righteous today.  Are you listening? Our world will become as evil as Sodom and Gomorrah were… This we know through scriptures fortelling our day.  But just like Lot and his family, God provided a safe warning and a place to go to be protected.

Our earth will experience fire and destruction ushering in the Second Coming. Have faith that He will care for you.  Listen for that prompting as He will lead us to safety.  His fight is with evil, not with you and me.  We need not be perfect.  Just stay on track and keep trying….He has plans for extracting the righteous from such an evil world…The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is His proof to us of this protection.

May peace be in your heart knowing that we have such a loving Father in Heaven. Keep trying… He knows who and where you are. He will watch over us…. This I know to be true.

2 thoughts on “Fire and BRIMSTONE.

  1. I like the way this article makes you think. It was really neat to watch that video on finding the Brimstone and seeing evidence of that city. Amazing that it’s still there.


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