Your Life Can Change in an Instant!

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It was just another routine day for me. Wake up early, get ready for work, and begin the hour drive into the office…Just like I have done for the past 11 years.

Days before, we had been pounded with several snow storms making the drive difficult. But the snowplows had been diligent with their continued efforts to keep the snow off of the roads, and laying down the lifesaving salt behind them.

It was refreshing this day to drive at the speed limit. No snow on the roads today, just a wet… salty.. mist filled the air, kicked up from the traffic in front of me. This was inconvenient at most, but was quickly resolved with a squirt of washer fluid, and the cleansing of the wiper blades. But then… comfort went to chaos very quickly.

I pulled the fluid squirt lever back…. there was no fluid left, and the wipers smeared the salty mixture on the windshield to create a barrier which I could not see out of.

I was in the middle lane, surrounded by cars, traveling 70 miles an hour. At that same moment, the sun hit the windshield, making everything in front of me disappear. I was in trouble! I could not see where I was going, and knew that the direction of the road was changing ahead of me.

How could this happen to me? I am the most prepared person on the planet. Always checking, always preparing…And now it was certain that I was going to crash…. My thought… “Jesus, take the wheel!” Serious!!

I quickly thought that even though I cannot see in front of me, I could still see… behind me, and to the sides. Using this new found guidance, I could navigate to the side of the road, avoiding all cars and out of danger. I made it safe. WHEW! Now, just a small laundry problem was my only challenge.

Another gift! Not just in staying safe, but this experience generated more info for this blog =) This experience was such a life lesson.

Up until now, you and I have discovered ways to navigate through difficult times. When we are challenged, just like the salt build up, we have some things that we always go to (the wiper spray) to assist us in completing our journey. Take a moment and discover what yours are. Prayer, love, talking, reading inspiring things. What do you routinely do to keep going when things are difficult?

Weather you know it or not, you have certain tools that you have found that enable you to stay in the fight, and carry on. Identify those tools, and offer a prayer of appreciation for having access to them.

But, just as I experienced, that tool was taken away from me, creating a scenario that I was unprepared for. My solution was… a quick prayer… followed by a brand new solution… totally opposite from what I was always relying on.

God will always see you through. Trust Him. As prepared are we try to be, there will always be unexpected salt on our windshield, and on occasion, no fluid to clear it. It is during those times we realize that He can provide other solutions. He can safely guide us through. And, sometimes, we just need to hold on, and let Him direct us to safety.

Do you trust Him? He can see the way… ALWAYS!! He knows what lies in your path… and better yet… He can direct you through it. This one concept is so very important for you and me to understand for the upcoming years. Our ‘go to” solutions might change… We might not see any logical way on how we are going to proceed. But if you and I understand that this might be in our future, and have come to a firm understanding and knowledge of trusting HIM to see us through, we will be prepared for those times.

God loves us! And righteousness is going to conquer evil… I have read the book… I know how this story ends. But traveling from today to the glorious day that the Savior returns is going to be difficult. We need to recognize this, and know that we can make it with values such as these.

So, fill up your windshield fluid, and spend your time realizing that trusting God is always the plan when life gets difficult.

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