We Need … Peacemakers

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Us versus them… Me against you… My way, not yours… and so goes today’s thinking.

I’d like all of you to think about the one in your family who always seemed to be the one to bring peace to the group. What was their side of an argument?  Were they for this… or against that? (Are you ready for a big reveal?) To them, it’s not about opinion, or choosing sides. Their vision, purpose, and devotion was always about one thing… Bringing Peace.

“Peace”… The word itself just feels… awesome, doesn’t it?

Peacemakers are unselfish. They put aside their own wants and opinions, and work towards bettering the group.  To bring others together, find common ground, and redirect others towards reasonable thoughts, ideas and solutions.

There is a very selfish movement in our world today.  People want what THEY want.. at all costs.  Many don’t even know what they are fighting for, but are driven by the sole thought of what they do not want.  This is very obvious in politics, but perhaps more subtle in the groups of people in our own lives.

So, go to your closet, and dust off the Halloween cape.  We need hero’s right about now.  DO you see the light beam over your city, calling out for help? Your skills, and talents are needed… your brothers and sisters need you.  We need peacemakers.

So, can one person make a difference?

Look at your world.  Who does it involve?  You have family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, and strangers in your life.  There are also others that are beyond your reach of closeness.  So for now, we will eliminate those others far away.

The people who you are around everyday… this is your mission… To be the peacemaker in this circle of humanity.  So now, let me ask you the same question.  Can you… one person, make a difference?  YES YOU CAN!!!  Want more peace in your life?  Then YOU become the instigator of that peace.

The tools that you will need to accomplish your mission.

Love.  Develop a genuine love for other people. This is one of the basic needs that we all have… To love and to Be loved.  You have this wired in your DNA.  Let it lose.  Loving others actually accomplishes the second part of that need, for when you love others, you feel loved.  It can start with you…. and is not necessary to wait for someone else to show love first. Love, and feel loved.  Hmmm… interesting, huh?

Understanding. People want to be heard.  Allow them to talk through issues and explain why they feel the way that they do.  As people share their feelings, the other party has an opportunity to hear the other side, to which understanding can develop on their end as well. Resolution comes from understanding one another.

Find Common Ground. What feels like a fight between two parties, can end up as three people working together to reach common ground.  You do not need to choose sides, rather, let the three of you discover what might be the best solution. Many people have not been taught the concept of “give-and-take”. You can take the lead of the conversation and introduce the concept of compromise.  This is essentially negotiating.  What are some of the things that each side is willing to give to the other?  As one side sees the other side give, it’s likely that they too will be willing to give up something.  This is the secret to being a peacemaker. When both sides give, peace is inevitable.

Now, you have your assignment.  Let peace begin with us.  This is not a battle we fight, yet a Divine teaching that will bring light to a darkened world. You will notice that as you fulfill this assignment, others will gravitate towards you as they associate you with this light. People are searching for someone to help them navigate through the emotions of hate, contention, and fighting.  You have the light… it’s time that you hold it up high for others to see.



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