Yesterday, he didn’t know he could! Today, he doesn’t think he cant.

Image result for baby bird flying

The young life of a bird can certainly teach us something amazing. Up until this time, he had no idea what he was about to accomplish. His life consisted of chirping when mom’s feet would land on the nest. She always answered his call by providing food and a warm place to rest. But… that was all just yesterday.. Today was going to be a very different day.

It might have been the subtle push from mom, or a feeling inside of doing something instinctively crazy. It started with what must have been a horrifying fall. He left the nest, and then the baby bird began to TRY. No experience… No pep-talk… No logic or reasoning… He just tried to do what he felt inside…. “FLAP YOUR ARMS”. His focus must have immediately changed from the horror of being hurt to… HIS GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT! “I can Fly”!!

Even from our perspective, as you look at this picture, would any of you give these two any chance of a successful flight? Not Me. Look at how little their wings are… Their weight has to be too much to Saba tosh their Nobel intent of flying. What else would you say they don’t have going for them?

However… he did it, because he tried…. and gave it his best. That first flight I’m sure was a bit of a controlled crash, but it was the beginning of his greatest skill… to fly high.
You and I limit ourselves by logic sometimes don’t we? I can’t do this because (insert answer here).. Sometimes it might be easier to not even try. What if we fail? What if we embarrass ourselves?

I ask all of you to join me in a blog experiment. For the next month, I challenge all of us to….. TRY…AND GIVE IT OUR BEST. That’s it. When life approaches you with a challenge, for this next month, we will not debate with ourselves if we are going to accept the challenge or not…. but our answer will ALWAYS be..I’m going to try…. and give it our best. I’m going to take the inspiration found through the picture of this little bird…to try…. and give it my best.

I’d like you to post your experiences on my blog. Tell us all the stories… Tell us what you learned…and…Tell us how this has the potential to change your life.

Remember… one month… until March 5th…you’ve got your assignment…. TRY… and give it your best…and we are all waiting to hear your experiences.


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