YOU, can change the World…”Your World”

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Can you even believe the drama in the world today? One group hates the other, people seem to be divided, and anger is becoming the norm… Where is peace?… Where is calm?

Perhaps all of us at some point in our life have had visions of grandeur, wishing that we could change the world into something different. If you had that ability, what would you change? I’m interested in hearing from some of you what would make the world a better place.

I would venture to guess that most of your recommendations would have something to do with bringing more peace and calm to the world. Agreed?

Well, today’s the day! I am empowering all of you to change the world… YOUR world. Come with me down this path for a moment before passing judgment…

Think how far your world reaches out, as it relates to YOU having the ability to have some control…Let’s see, there’s you, your family, your extended family, neighbors, church group, town, work… maybe your state? Now, realistically, do you feel that you have the ability to influence or change anything beyond that point? (Unless your aspirations are to run for political office). So, in following this logic, it seems that our judgment of our life is influenced by events, chatter, and miserable individuals who are actually beyond our reach of influence. Right?

I invite you to spend more time in your world, rather than a world where you have no control. Those of us who have strong religious believes should recognize this worldly bitterness as simply a sign of the times. The withdrawal of love, kindness and compassion was prophesied, (II Timothy 3:1-5,). Don’t be consumed with all of the hatred to the point where it influences the way that you feel living in such times.

Your world needs you! You have somewhat, to total control, of what is happening there. Be the change that you want to see. You be that person who helps others with their challenges… You be the friend that everyone is looking for… You find that lost person who needs some guidance. You be that happy person that others gravitate towards. It is my promise that as you create a better world around you, you will find GREAT JOY! Spend time seeing the good that you can do, and the difference that YOU can make. Now, your world is what you make of it. What will you do in this newfound ability to… Change The World?

I believe in you… Will you join me in our new quest?

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